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The Angry Birds Movie Full Movie Hd 1080p

by planertathma, 2 days ago


In the Bird Island, all birds live in peace and happily, well most of them. Red is a bird that can't get enough with anything and his temper problems prevents him from having friends. And when the green piggies visit their island, Red finds out that the pigs must be up to something as the piggies were suspicious to him. He decided to finds out with the quick Chuck and explosive Bomb Find out why the birds are so angry. When an island populated by happy, flightless birds is visited by mysterious green piggies, it's up to three unlikely outcasts - Red, Chuck and Bomb - to figure out what the pigs are up to. So yeah I saw this movie and I was expecting to hate this movie. But I was wrong. I only mildly think this movie is adequate. So let's get down to business.

Yeah this movie most definitely gonna make a lot of money. A lot. It is aimed towards kids and kids just love the Angry Birds games because there is like a million of them now. This movie is about the red bird. He has anger issues. None of the other birds like him, he gets on people's nerves and he isn't very social. When pigs come to their island, he is the only one to think that they are up to something and he ends up being right because the pigs steal the eggs. Angry Birds.

Did you notice how only two of the sentences I said related to the actual Angry Birds game? How the red bird is angry, and how the pigs steal the eggs. The rest was all new. New isn't a bad thing, but let us explore through the new world of Angry Birds.

Let's start with the good. The animation on the birds is fantastic. It looks very detailed and they spent a lot of time on that to make it look right and the birds look perfect in this movie. A lot of the scenes are funny in just the right way. Take the yellow "missile" bird for example. Josh Gad nails this role and I loved the sequence with him when he had the cool copy of the Quick Silver scene from Days of Future Past. Hilarious. But I wish the rest of the movie was like that.

Now let's talk about the bad. Wow this movie is boring. I am super glad that this movie is short because I was dying for this movie to end. It's awfully paced. So much of this movie is focused on the rising action that the climax feels like five minutes!

Mighty Eagle was such a sloppy, boring, stupid character. He was so annoying! His actually character reminded me of Metro Man from Megamind. Metro Man if you don't know was the superhero of Metro City. Famous among all the citizens of the city. He then faked his death so he can escape having to work hard and save the same person over and over again. It was boring to him. He was then discovered to be alive but not as a superhero anymore. Mighty Eagle was a similar character. But he was such an idiot.

The pigs were laughably bad. They were even singing country music it was so bad. They were annoying. They look awful. Not one of them even got a black eye which is disappointing.

There was maybe one cool scene with them and that was when they flew the airplanes and I thought right away bad piggies and I just thought about how cool of a sequence it would be of them flying and the birds attacking them. It would be my favorite scene by far but the slingshot had to break in the worst way possible. Such a wasted opportunity.

Speaking of wasted opportunities where the heck were the little blue birds? Granted they are in this movie but only for ten seconds. And the pink bird! She did nothing in the movie! All the other birds did all their cool tricks but the pink bird was so wasted and ruined.

And the only thing parents might find interesting is the fact that the red bird says "pluck my life." Yeah that happened. But no other thing will be interesting to an adult in this movie.

I am pretty sure that Angry Birds is forever dead because this movie could not bring back the nostalgia of the actual first game for me. It gave me boring humor and wasted opportunities with bad characters in the mix. But hey! At least kids like it. The movie keeps you entertained with its humour and will be enjoyable for kids The animation punches well above its weight with properly Looney Tunes-standard sight gags, polished, highly expressive character design, and rendering so intensely computed nearly every barbule and rachis on each individual feather is visible. a5c7b9f00b

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